[BiO BB] Anybody knows the usage stats for different apps in sequence alignment & molecular dynamics?

Chris Dwan (CCGB) cdwan at mail.ahc.umn.edu
Thu Jan 15 10:01:13 EST 2004

>       Our misison is to enable individual researchers and small
>       labs to speed up their research and level the playing field
>       with the 'big guys' who can afford throwing 100K per one
>       acceleration module...

My impression is that computational speed is the limiting factor for only
a small number of groups.  I think that most researchers remain interface
and data management bound.

I could be way off base with this, and I'm curious to hear about other
experiences:  I believe that (as is usually true with high performance
computing) 5% of the researchers take up 95% of the cluster time, and the
other 95% are doing the best they can to manage even a rather small set of

Am I wrong?  Are lots of people sitting on their hands waiting for BLAST
(and HMMER, and InterPro, and meta-java-dock-o-matic-whatever) to

-Chris Dwan
 The University of Minnesota

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