[BiO BB] Anybody knows the usage stats for different apps in sequence alignment & molecular dynamics?

Kevin Murphy murphy at genome.chop.edu
Fri Jan 16 13:56:30 EST 2004

Let us know your experience, because I'm interested in what you 
describe also.  I've always been interested in using make for things 
like this, and figured that we might roll our own system using perl, 
make, cvs, and RT (a GPL ticket-tracking system we use).   Gotta run, 
in the background I hear somebody yelling something about a cold day in 
hell ....

On Thursday, January 15, 2004, at 01:57 PM, Dan Bolser wrote:

> Thanks, I will have a look.
> Cheers,
> Dan.
> ++ Martin Gollery--
>> Quoting Dan Bolser <dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk>:
>>> I would be more likely to pay for a process pipeline manager - 
>>> naturally I would
>>> preffer a free one.
>>> Any projects to make a process pipeline tool in php?
>>> Should -
>>> * allow workflows to be created / edited / monitored through web. * 
>>> be tied into
>>> cron.
>>> * rely on gnu make under the hood.
>>> * be tied into cvs for 'job module' developement.
>>> * provide error reporting by mail.
>>> * provide log review.
>> Take a look at VIBE, from Incogen. It does quite a bit of what you 
>> want, and  the
>> Software Development Kit is free to non-commercial types.
>> Marty

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