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Use of common schema is a huge advantage to biological research in general. I work in the microarray field and a great deal of work is ongoing into the process of standardisation of data and storage formats. The MGED have developed their own mark-up language (MAGE-ML) as well as the MIAME standards. This, combined with the development of the EBI's arayexpress database, will be greatly facilitative to the sharing of microarray data between researchers. Common schema's in general have wide applications both for industry, in that it allows multi site organisations to easily share data, and for academia where the transfer of information between research groups can be essential.


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> What would the benefits of a common schema be?

interoperability, foundation of the field, common development environment, growth

I guess people can add more.

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> From: Andrius
> Won't it be a good idea to develop one. It seems that tools for doing
> bioinformatics are still maturing and one of the things to make them  mature are
> common schemas and standards.
> I think there's a nice potential for developers in this direction.
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