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Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
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> I would suggest study some relational database theory
> first. The the rest will solve it self afterwards.

Ahh, if only it were that simple...

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> Hi ! i am a still new to bioinformatics.currently i am working on
> developing a database with the intergration of xml.as far as i
> understand, most of the databanks has its own data(heterogenous
> format).what are the fields that i must know in order to develop a database?how
> can i retrieve biological data from these databanks.i only know things at the
> surface level.many of the articles are very
> confusing.as far as i am concern there are things like protein sequence and DNA
> sequence.where can i get a sample database table containing field for such
> entity??
> my plan of architecture (architecture for the system which i am going to develop)
> consist of a database which will be built using Oracle 9i, XML and SAX parser for
> converting various formats into a unified format plus PERL for communicating with
> the bio databank's servers.
> please advise if this is feasible or redundant otherwise.i am pretty much
> perplexed in determing the right data types for my database.please guide me and i
> am not asking anyone of you to develop the systems for me.i am willing to learn
> and develop concurrently with advice from you.
> please help me.
> sargunan
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