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Michael Gruenberger mgruenb at gmx.net
Fri Jan 30 07:16:07 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-01-30 at 13:37, Andrius wrote:

> i was still talking about using xml derived from common xml schemas for 
> communication purposes. anyway, i still
> haven't done a concise reasearch of bioinformatics tools and can't say 
> if something is already implemented, it may.

So was I. My point was that different databases have very different data
sets and it would be difficult to find a common xml schema. SOAP seems
to be a much better way forward (than plain XML + XML Schema), because
you can customise it much more towards different needs and you don't
have to agree on a common schema. It also seems to be what most
databases are implementing at the moment (see BioMoby).... 

> i'm looking forward for scientists to have research tools such as 
> programming languages for their
> specific field so everyone could develop their own research routines and 
> systems. commercial packets
> are too closed for this. we need java for bioinformaticians, but it 
> should be independant of java (or any other
> general programming language) , because java expresses too much of 
> object oriented programming, constructs which confuse researcher without 
> computer science background. i want all (at least researchers) to be 
> programmers, because full computational potential can be
> grasped having a right customizable tool ( such as programming 
> language). i just have some intuition and if you have something
> to add i'll be happy to hear.

Well... in an ideal world... but in my experience there are two kinds of
researchers: The one's who are really into computers and know a couple
of programming languages and wouldn't mind learning Java. The other kind
(the majority) is those who can use web interfaces, but don't really
want to know anything more about computers and wouldn't want to learn
even a really simple language. So it's a good idea, but is there a
'market' for it?



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