[BiO BB] The third circular of the International Conference on Chemometrics and Bioinformatics in Asia 2004

ekeen ekeen at mail.tongji.edu.cn
Fri Jul 2 00:22:35 EDT 2004

Dear Colleagues: 

We would like to invite you to contribute to the International Conference on
Chemometrics and Bioinformatics in Asia 2004 (CCBA-2004) 

here find you the third circular of CCBA-2004. 

In this conference, the following specific topics will be included: 

Quantitative Structure and Activity Relationship in Chemistry and Medicines 

Bioinformatics for Microarrays in Medicines and Pharmacology 

Data Mining in Chemistry and Medicine 

Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics 

Multivariate Calibration and Resolution 

Experimental Design and Process Chemometrics 

Combining Hard and Soft Models for Data Mining 

Image Analysis in Chemistry and Medicine 

Multiway and Multiblock Issues 

Support Vector Machines and Neural Nets in Chemistry and Medicine 

Classification and Pattern Detection and Recognition 

Please let us know if you have paper(s) that you would like to contribute,
or if you know of colleagues that may like to submit their works to these
special sessions.   


Abstracts submitted for presentation in the CCBA2004 conference should be
sent to the address of cheminfo at tongji.edu.cn in WORD 97 or 2000 format. In
the e-mail, authors should attach an abstract submission form for each
submitted paper to provide the following details: 

1. Mini-symposium(s) or Topic(s). 

2. Preferred presentation. (Oral/Poster) 

3. Name(s) of author(s). Indicate by underline the presenting author and an

(*) for the corresponding author. Family names for all authors should be in
capital letters. 

4. The institution(s) of the author(s). 

5. The address of the corresponding author. 

6. TEL and FAX number. 

7. The corresponding E-mail address of the corresponding author. 

8. Title in capital letters. 

9. An abstract within 200 words in English must be attached. 


Jun. 30, 2004 Submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentation. 

                         (Still open for new registers) 

Jul. 20, 2004 Notification of acceptance and form of presentation of

Jul. 30, 2004 Early registration period ends. 

Jul. 30, 2004 Deadline for payment of the early registration fee 

Oct. 16, 2004 Submission of manuscripts for publication in Proceedings at
the conference registration desk. 

Best wishes, 
Tonghua Li and Kai Chen 
Molecular Science Laboratory 
Department of Chemistry 
Tongji University 
Shanghai, 200092 
P. R. China 
Tel.: (86) 21-6598-3987 (office) 
FAX: (86) 21-6598-3987-8004

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