[BiO BB] Protein Families.

Bruno Afonso brunomiguel at dequim.ist.utl.pt
Wed Jul 14 08:50:11 EDT 2004

I believe those are SCOP definitions? Check out the SCOP paper as well 
as its references and papers referencing SCOP.

If you want a quick explanation, you can grab Structural Bioinformatics 
(Philip Bourne) from wiley and look on the SCOP chapter.


Nur'Aini Abdul Rashid wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm working on clustering algorithms and looking for data to test on... 
> The problem is I don't quite understand how families is define in 
> proteins.. Can someone explain it.. or tell me where I can learn all 
> those basics  ex.
> What are the differences between protein families, superfamilies and domain
> Thanks
> Nora.
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