[BiO BB] information required

Christian Ehrlich ehrlich at zib.de
Wed Jul 14 03:24:14 EDT 2004

Saturday, July 10, 2004, 7:06:42 AM, you wrote:


iam a studen of bioinformatics at the free university berlin.
of course i think bioinformatic would be the better choise :)

my information status is taht u can do any master want as long as u
have finished a degree at a college/university (dont know the
difference, germany usually only got universities and degree schools)

best reguadrs christian ehrlich

k> I would like to know which course is better biotech or bioinformatics
k> i would also like to know whether i can do masters in
k> bioinformatics after doing bachelors degree in biotech
k> please mail

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