[BiO BB] CompBioNets 2004

Katia Silva Guimaraes katia at cin.ufpe.br
Wed Jul 21 19:05:56 EDT 2004

                    CompBioNets 2004
       Algorithms and Computational Methods for
         Biochemical and Evolutionary Networks
         Recife, BRAZIL,  December 15-18, 2004

                    CALL FOR PAPERS

 We wish to invite you to submit a paper to the Conference "Algorithms and
 Computational Methods for Biochemical and Evolutionary Networks"
 (CompBioNets'04) that is being organized in Recife, Brazil, December
 15-18, 2004.

 The conference topics will be computational biology in general, and more
 specifically, but not exclusively, genetic regulation, motifs, metabolism,
 protein-protein interaction, biochemical networks, protein function and
 structure, genome dynamics, genome rearrangements, comparative genomics.

 Submitted papers will be selected by an international Program Committee.
 Accepted papers will be presented in a 25 minutes talk and will appear in
 the form of a book published by "KCL publications", London, which will be
 available at the Conference. The authors of the best papers will be
 invited to submit their work for publication in a special issue of Journal
 of Discrete Algorithms, Elsevier. A call for posters will be made later.

 The Conference has its origin in a long-standing collaboration between a
 Brazilian from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, and a
 Brazilian at large. The Conference will follow a rigorous paper selection
 process and include high-ranking invited talks. At the same time, it is
 hoped that it will have a nice familiar atmosphere reflecting both the
 country's warm-hearted and joyful spirit and the friendship behind the
 collaboration that gave birth to the Conference.

 Recife, the city where the Conference will be held, is a most lovely city
 located in the Northeast of Brazil. The temperature there stays around
 86F (30C) all year long, but the air is kept cool by the wind coming
 from the sea. In Recife itself and near the town, are some of the most
 beautiful beaches in Brazil, including Porto de Galinhas Beach, a natural
 pool type of beach, with beautiful colorful little fishes. Just 8 miles
 from Recife is the historical town of Olinda (in portuguese, the town's
 name means "Oh beautiful!"), one of the oldest cities in Brazil. The
 harmonious balance between the buildings, gardens, 20 Baroque churches,
 convents and numerous small "passos" (chapels) all contribute to Olinda's
 particular charm.

 Additional information can be found in the conference webpage:


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