[BiO BB] Re: BiO_BB, Clustalx error

Catarina S. F. Moita cmoita at igc.gulbenkian.pt
Mon Jul 26 16:36:27 EDT 2004

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> From: "Sheryl Maher" <Sheryl at uq.edu.au>
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> Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:18:23 +1000
> Subject: [BiO BB] Clustalx error
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Hi, Sheryl!
> Hi,=20
> I am attempting to get clustal X working under window, I am not sure if =
> it is designed to work in this environment or not.=20

 I've used Clustal X under Windows operating system, and never had any
kind of problem.

> I am getting an error when I attempt to do a multiple alignment, that is =
> is unable to access the .aln file. I am not sure if anyone else has =
> experianced this and found a work around.=20

I'm not sure what's the problem you've been facing, but you're supposed to
"load" a simple .txt file with your sequences in Fasta format (or other
accepted format) into Clustal and perform the multiple alignment.

Nevertheless, check http://www-igbmc.u-strasbg.fr/BioInfo/ClustalX/Top.html

Hope that helps,

Catarina Moita.

> Thanks
> Sheryl Maher

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