[BiO BB] Error message with nrdb

Renxue Wang rwang at bccancer.bc.ca
Thu Mar 18 18:25:35 EST 2004

Hi, There,

I am using NRDB implemented in WUBLAST to eliminate the replicated entries 
in my custom sequence database.  While I am processing one of 
my sequence file (about 50 mb), NRDB gave me an error message read like

$ nrdb test.fa >testnr
FATAL:  Report:  fwrite error:  Success

and it appears that the operation stopped running at this point.  I tried
same thing both on the server and on my linux, both stopped at same sequence

(does not seem anything wrong with this seq, when I move this seq to the end
of the sequence file. The program stopped somewhere else).  The last line of
the output file is, 

>gi|28574491:CDS(1), original length:2213. ORF(+) length:465,1..465,
FATAL:  Report:  fwrite error:  Success

Does anyone know what the error message means and how to deal with it?

Thanks a lot.  

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