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Hi Vijay, 
The Sanger centre - has ACT (Artemis Comparison Tool) available for Just
this kind of thing.
It is freely available and you can download it onto your PC/Mac.
It is very easy to use and gives you a visual output of the
similarities/differences in the genomes.
Hope this helps

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   1. E.coli strain differences (Chandran Vijayendran)


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Subject: [BiO BB] E.coli strain differences
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Dear all,

I would like to compare the whole genome of two E.coli strains,
(K12-MG-1655 and K12 W3110).
Where MG strain genome is available at NCBI and W3110 strain genome is 
available at Genobase.
I would like to know gene arrangement differences in both the strain.
Is this data is already available on net?
If not how shall I proceed on?

Thanks for your time,


Chandran Vijayendran,
PhD Student,
Graduate school in Bioinformatics and Genome research.
c/o Prof. Erwin Flaschel,D5-120. Technical faculty,
University of Bielefeld,Universitaets str -25,D-33615,Bielefeld.

Home: + 49 (0)521-3279769.
Off: + 49 (0)521-1065286.
Mobile: + 49 (0)17624024791.

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