[BiO BB] GeneBank to SwissProt Mapping?

Siddhartha Basu basu at pharm.sunysb.edu
Sat May 15 20:55:27 EDT 2004

I used to use the xref file from here to get a mapping between 
swissprot,refseq and locuslink ids.
Check out the file human.xrefs.gz.

It also do have the files for mouse and rat if go back one directory level.

Hope this help.


Dan Bolser wrote:
> Thanks Pamela for your suggestions, I have tried LocusLink (the 'loc2acc'
> file) but I find many missing swissprot / trembl accession numbers. I
> fear that the GO mapping could be incomplete for other resons too. 
> Thanks Svensson for the offer of assistance below, but I am not sure how
> having PID will help me. (sorry for my ignorance).
> I know sptrembl has a good PIR mapping, can we get to PIR from GI?
> I am running blast jobs at the minuite as the bind sequence file isn't too
> big, but getting accurate 1-1 mapping means that I have to blast against
> the full datasets and not some non redundant version thereof.
> 4 more days to go...
> If anyone wants the data let me know.
> Dan.

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