[BiO BB] The concept of GAL and GPR files

Vibhor Gupta vxg189 at bham.ac.uk
Tue Nov 23 06:44:29 EST 2004

Hi everyone,
I am having problems in understanding the concept of GAL and GPR files. So, far I have understood the theoretical definition of both of these. GAL files contain the details about the positions of spots for a microarray slide and the ID and name of the gene being represented by the spot. On the other hand GPR files contain the information that was mentioned in the GAL files and the intensity measurements for these spots (which is what I think we need to analyse). 
Now, both can be generated by GenePix. This is what I am not able to understand, maybe because I have not worked with GenePix at all. What is the importance of generating both of them?
Another question is if I have a GAL file that has some annotations missing, how can I obtain those annotations?

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