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>   Subject: [BiO BB] Fourth Virtual Genomics and Bioinformatics Conference
>   Fourth Virtual Conference on Genomics and Bioinformatics
>   September 21-24, 2004
>   www.virtualgenomics.org/conference_2004.htm
>   ***********************************************************************
>   Location: Virtual Locations Worldwide (List available at
>   www.virtualgenomics.org/conference_2004.htm)
>   Registration fees:  None
>   The Virtual Conference on Genomics and Bioinformatics is an advanced
>   collaborative environment featuring high profile researchers involved
>   in the development and use of cutting edge technologies and approaches
>   which allow a better understanding of the molecular structure and
>   dynamics of biological systems. The objectives of the conference are:
>   * Transcend geographical and economical barriers for the exchange of
>   ideas that facilitates the interaction and collaboration among
>   scientists and educators around the world.
>   * Address the benefits and limitations of the newest developments in
>   post-genomic technologies.
>   * Explore the social and ethical implications of genomic and
>   bioinformatic research.
>   * Establish new ways to introduce the high school community to today's
>   multidisciplinary science.
>   Speakers:
>   Uri Alon, Weizmann Institute of Science. Israel
>   Wanda Andreoni, IBM Zürich Research Laboratory, Switzerland
>   Kim Baldridge, Universität Zürich. Switzerland
>   Patsy Babbitt. University of California, San Francisco. USA
>   Irene Bosch, University of Massachusetts Medical School. USA
>   Carlos Camacho, University of Pittsburgh, USA
>   Colin C. Collins, Medicine and Cancer Research Institute, UCSF. USA
>   Charles DeLisi, Boston University. USA
>   Martin Gollery, University of Nevada at Reno. USA
>   Fern Hunt, National Institute of Standards and Technology. USA
>   S.S. Iyengar, Louisiana State University. USA
>   Maricel Kann, National Institutes of Health. NCBI. USA
>   Eugene Koonin, National Institutes of Health. USA
>   Luis Rocha, Los Alamos National Laboratory. USA
>   John B. Shabb, University of North Dakota. USA
>   Wibke Sudholt, Universität Zürich. Switzerland
>   Christoph W. Sensen, University of Calgary. Canada
>   Richard Simon, National Institutes of Health. NCI. USA
>   Jason Suen, California Institute of Technology, USA
>   Sarah B. Tegen, National Academy of Sciences, USA
>   William Perrizo, North Dakota State University. USA
>   Willy Valdivia-Granda. Orion Integrated Biosciences. USA
>   Yuzhen Ye, The Burnham Institute. USA
>   Roie Yerushalmi, Weizmann Institute of Science. Israel
>   For more information visit www.virtualgenomics.org/conference_2004.htm
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