[BiO BB] Ramachandran plot

Pedro Fernandes pfern at igc.gulbenkian.pt
Thu Sep 9 11:11:28 EDT 2004

Hello Merin

Did you have a look at free online course materials?

for example at:




Best of luck

Pedro Fernandes

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> Hello all,
>   Can you please help me?
> I'm very much interested in Ramachandran plot.
> I searched a lot for information relating to its applications,but got
> very little information.
> Can you please help me in this regard?
> 1)What are the important applications of Ramachandran plot in structural
> Bioinformatics?
> 2)If you change an amino acid in the protein sequence,what precise
> effect does it have on the plot and what are the applications in this
> regard?
> 3)Does it have any application in Homology modelling?
> merin
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