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Please find my updated resume for your kind consideration .My expected salary is 2 lace  per year and you can call on this (Phone: 022-34489957 )Any time 



Sajan lal P
M-7/7,Bhanumathi Hsg.socy.Ltd .
Bamgur  Nagar,Goregaon(w)
                    Email : sajan_lalp at yahoo.co.in/ sajanlal at india.com 
Phone: 022-34489957 Any time (M),Mumbai 59

Objective: To work in a congenial environment and utilize my 
Biotechnological  skills for development of need based technologies

Work experience   1) Worked as a Q.C At  U.E.C Andheri for 8 months  
(it is B.I.S Approved packaged drinking water company where I had bee per 
formed 51 Chemical test as well as Micro biology test .)
2) From January 2004-till Date
Global Enterprise Infotech Solution, Mumbai & Pune (Technical 
consultant, Bioinformatics) 
Job profile:
q Genome analysis (data mining )
q Research work conducted on Protein modeling
q Corporate training 
Educational Qualifications
M.Sc. Biotechnology                        First class2002
(Subjects: Biochemistry and Biophysics,Molecular Genetics,Microbiology 
and Immunology,Molecular and Developmental Biology
Enzymology and Enzyme technology,Plant Molecular Biology,Plant 
Biotechnology,Genetic Engineering,Bioprocess technology,Animal 
Biotechnology,Recombinant DNA technology,Industrial Biotechnology
Immunotechnology,Biostatistics and Bioinformatics)
project work upon 'Solid Culturing of aspergillus niger production of 

Periyar University, Tamilnadu

B.Sc  Zoology,Chemistry, Botany          First class 1997
M.G University, Kerala 

V.H.S.E                                                  second class  

Bord  Of  Vocational Higher Secondary Education  Kerala 
Computer Knowledge 
a) Language: C and PERL, b)Windows, NT, DOS and Linux operating 

Bioinformatics tools and packages  worked upon
Proteomics, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Modeling & Drug design 

Tools / packages used : EMBOSS, BLAST, FASTA, Clustal X/W, Phylodraw, 
PHYLIP, Modeller, Swiss-PDBViewer, Cn3d, PROCHECK, Chromas, Genalysis, 
Rasmol, RasTop, ISIS -draw, Vector NTI, Hyperchem, Chem-SW. 
NCBI, EMBL, and PDB databases, , 

1)Seminar on 'Current developments in Human Genome Project' conducted 
by Dept. of Biotechnology Bharathidasan University on 09-11 march 2001, 
Tamilnadu, India 
2)National level seminar on 'Current trends and future direction in 
Life science' organized by Flora, 4-5 January 2002, Tamilnadu, India
3)A workshop on 'Training on Plant Tissue Culture' conducted by Centre 
for Biodiversity and Biotechnology, 26-31 December 2000, Tamilnadu, 
4)Workshop on 'Basic techniques in Molecular Biology' organized by 
Dept. of Biotechnology, MCAS, 3rd march, Tamilnadu, India

Personal Information
Corresponding Address : M-7/7,Bhanumathi Hsg.socy.Ltd .
Email                                                      Bamgur  
Nagar,Goregaon(w)                                     : 
sajan_lalp at yahoo.co.in/ sajanlal at india.com
Date of birth : 21-04-1976
Sex :Male
Marital status :Single
Nationality :Indian

Languages known                                         :English,               Hindi,Malayalam,Tamil

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