[BiO BB] scan_for_matches

Dmitri I GOULIAEV dig at bioinformatics.org
Wed Sep 22 03:46:07 EDT 2004

Hi, Stefanie!

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 06:17:52AM +0000, Stefanie Lager wrote:
> Thank you Dmitri,

You are welcome!

> Changing line 235 in ggpunit.c according to your instructions, together
> with modifications of line 240 and 767 in ggpunit.c and line 17 in
                             ^^^-(1) ^^^-(2)                   ^^-(3)

I think you can drop them (1,2,3) completely -- the program will compile nicely.  Just do not try to compile it with ``-Wall'' option -- or you will have 2 something pages of warnings.

Are you going to file the bug report?

Best regards,

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