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ISPA'05 International Workshop on Bioinformatics 2005


            Date:    November 2-5, 2005

            Place:   Nanjing University, Nanjing, P.R. China

            Paper submission Deadline:        May 6th, 2005


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Colorful analogies to catastrophic events, including floods, 

avalanches, tidal waves, and even explosions, have often been used 

to describe the overwhelming nature of high-throughput, biological 

data. The deluge of data shows no sign of abating, particularly as 

new technologies appear (protein chips) and established technologies 

are improved (mass spectrometers, DNA micro-arrays) or re-

implemented on industrial scales. Finding new ways to integrate, 

manage, visualize, and interpret data from diverse sources is one of 

the grand challenges for modern bioinformatics, which merges 

information technology, computer science, statistics, applied 

mathematics, and biology. Topics of interest to this workshop 

include, but are not limited to: 


* Protein-protein interactions 

* mRNA and protein expression 

* Functional annotation of genes and proteins 

* Ontological classifications 

* Signaling and regulatory pathways 

* Biology-specific knowledge representation 

* Biological data preparation and cleansing 

* High-throughput experimental data monitoring and tracking 

* Sequence- or structure-based data analysis 

* Knowledge curation, annotation, and reporting 

* Use of natural language processing techniques and/or artificial 

* intelligence techniques to automatically extract multiple

* biological objects such as gene names, protein names, drugs, 

organisms, disease, etc., from free-text. 

* Information and knowledge extraction such as object-object 

interactions (ex: protein interactions, functions, etc.). 

* Software systems to support biological research that integrates 

multi-format and multi-type data from heterogeneous databases. 

* Information visualization techniques for biological networks and 

integrated biological systems. 

* Application of machine learning in the mining of very large 

dimensional data such as microarray and mass-spectrometry data. 

* Computational methods that model cellular mechanisms, the protein 

machine, pathways, and regulatory networks. 

* Algorithms for processing and interpreting large-scale mass-

spectrometry data

* Comparative genomics and genome dynamics (i.e., evolution of whole 

genomes, e.g., by translocations, reversals, duplications, etc.) 

Modeling of small molecule ligand binding to proteins. 

* An informatics technique, strategy, and tool that combine multiple 

types of data. 

* Investigation of genome, transcriptome, proteome, or metabolome 

data, using multiple computational techniques, strategies, and 


* High-performance systems engineering ideas and strategies using 

concepts learned from bioinformatics.

* Significant biological discoveries using a consistent suite of 

investigative tools.

* Other novel bioinformatics topics in life sciences may also be 

considered, as long as the topics contribute to the expansion of a 

system-scale understanding of biological processes and/or the 

creation of practical informatics solutions for real-world life 

science problems. 


Important Dates: 


Paper submission due: 

 April 30, 2005

Acceptance notification: 

 July 1, 2005

Camera-ready due: 

 July 30, 2005 





 November 2-5, 2005 



Instructions for Paper Submission: 


All papers should represent original and previously unpublished 

works that are currently not under review in any conference or 

journal. Both basic and applied research papers are welcome. 


Submissions should include an abstract, key words, the e-mail 

address of the corresponding author, and must not exceed 15 pages, 

including tables and figures, in PDF format. Please send your 

submission to: bioin at cs.iupui.edu . 


All enquiries and questions should be directed to the Workshop 

Chairs. Additional details are available at the Workshop home page 

at http://www.cs.iupui.edu/~bioin/bioinformatics05/and at the 

conference home page at http://keysoftlab.nju.edu.cn/ispa2005/ 


Workshop Chairs:


Mathew Palakal 

Department of Computer & Information Science

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis , USA 

mpalakal at cs.iupui.edu 


Jake Chen 

School of Informatics/Computer Science 

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis , USA 

jakechen at iupui.edu 


Zongben Xu 

Xian Jiaotong University, China

zbxu at mail.xjtu.edu.cn


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