[BiO BB] WU-Blast vs BLAST?

Theodore H. Smith delete at elfdata.com
Fri Dec 9 06:54:42 EST 2005

I have a question regarding the use of WU-Blast vs BLAST.

If WU-BLAST is much faster and slightly more accurate than BLAST, why  
aren't more people using WU-BLAST? Why isn't NCBI offering a WU-BLAST  
search in place of it's BLAST search?

Is it:

1) Inertia due to having to upgrade and rehabilitate systems to be  
using WU-Blast?

2) WU-BLAST not offering something BLAST does?

3) Having to retrain people, or people being resistant to change?

4) Some kind of legal restriction?

5) Something else?

I am curious on the matter. I am just an ordinary researcher, not  
anyone associated with Washington University, actually I live in  
London UK :)

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