[BiO BB] How to FTP 34,000 protein files? Is it possible?

Lutfullah Kakakhel lutfullah.kakakhel at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 11:28:24 EST 2005

Nothing to do with the number of files or the version.  I think wget has no
such restrictions in the older version too. The -c switch is for continuing
(resuming), in case you drop the connection. The -m is for mirroring the
entire directory tree structure and is a combination of several switches,
including recursive downloading. The switch --retr-symlinks will follow the
link to fetch the actual file.
Your original posting, however, mentioned 'invalid server response'. I am
not sure what caused that error. If you omit the switch for symbolic links,
you should still be able to get into the server but you will get a directory
full of symbolic links only and not the actual files.
May be you have access problems to the server - proxy, firewall - whatever
else but wget should not fail to retrieve a mere 34000 files in a directory
- nor should it require giving filename for every protein.


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