[BiO BB] 7th Bologna Winter School: APPLIED BIOINFORMATICS: the Test Case of the Human Genome

gigi gigi at biocomp.unibo.it
Tue Dec 13 09:40:23 EST 2005

the Test Case of the Human Genome

Bologna Winter School 2006
Italy - Bologna 
Feb 13-17, 2006 

The Bologna Winter Schools are unique international forums where to 
debate the state of the art of complex problems at the forehand of 
Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Modern Biology. The 7th 
Edition focuses on the applications of Bioinformatics to the Human 
Genome Analysis. Fundamental problems, that are still matter of debate, 
will be addressed such as the annotation, the expression and the 
regulation of the Human Genome, the relationship between expression and 
diseases, the variability between populations and the applications to 
molecular medicine. The growing interest in Biodiversity, Aging, 
Forensic Genomics and early diagnosis of genetic maladies indicates how 
Bioinformatics is essential not only for the management and the analysis 
of the data but also for identifying typical markers of different 
populations and individuals, with the common goal of highlighting the 
relationship between genotype and phenotype.

The school will be devoted to explore which ideas and tools out of 
Bioinformatics can effectively help in the analysis at large of the 
Human Genome and will cover different sessions:

How many genes?
Genome annotation
Transcription regulation
Genome variability
SNPs aging and diseases
Forensic genomics

A round table discussion and an industry corner will give to all the 
participants the opportunity to briefly present their work and to 
discuss different applications.


David Balding, Imperial College, London, UK
Guido Barbujani, University of Ferrara, IT
Jaume Bertranpetit, University "Pompeu Fabra", Barcelona, ES
Claudio Franceschi, University of Bologna, IT
Roderic Guigó, University "Pompeu Fabra", Barcelona, ES
Uta-Dorothee Immel, Martin Luther University, Halle (Saale), DE
David T. Jones, University College, London, UK
Arthur Lesk, Cambridge University, UK
Marion Nagy, Humboldt University/Charité, Berlin, DE
Peter Nürnberg, University of Cologne, Köln, DE
Walther Parson, Medical University of Innsbruck, AT
Giovanni Perini, University of Bologna, IT
Graziano Pesole, University of Milan, IT
Lutz Roewer, Humboldt University/Charité, Berlin, DE
Janet Thornton, EBI-EMBL, Cambridge, UK
Anna Tramontano, University "La Sapienza", Roma, IT
Alfonso Valencia, CNB-CSIC, Cantoblanco, ES
Additional Information  http://www.biocomp.unibo.it/~school2006/ 

For Application send a short C.V. to  school2006 at biocomp.unibo.it

Deadline for application is 
January 10, 2006

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