[BiO BB] International PhD School in Bioinformatics

oliviero.carugo at univie.ac.at oliviero.carugo at univie.ac.at
Wed Dec 14 08:03:35 EST 2005

The consortium of the "Bioinformatics Integration Network" (a network in the context of the Austrian genome research programme - www.gen-au.at) is organizing an international PhD programme covering the following research topics:

- Databases / Analytical Tools for Genomics and Proteomics (Zlatko Trajanoski)
- Biomolecular Sequence Analysis and MS Data Interpretation(Frank Eisenhaber)
- Dynamics of Sequence Evolution (Arndt von Haeseler)
- RNA related Bioinformatics Tools (Ivo Hofacker)
- Computational Structural Genomics (Kristina Djinovic and Oliviero Carugo)
- Data Mining in Proteomics (Bernhard Tilg)
- Pathway Analysis (Georg Casari)

The PhD courses will be common throughout the network and the candidates will be supervised by two PIs (supervisor and co-supervisor). We intend to include additional members from other EU countries in the doctorate committee in order to meet the requirements for the "European Doctorate".

An "Outstanding Scholar" program will be established to identify new bioinformaticians who have demonstrated research excellence. The programme aims to rotate the students for three months in one of the participating labs or in the labs of our international collaborators in order to get exposure to other bioinformatics techniques.

Admitted PhD students will receive fellowships starting March 1st, 2006.

Information at genome.tugraz.at/binphd.php.

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