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Rajat K. De rajat at isical.ac.in
Tue Dec 27 02:44:22 EST 2005

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Dear Colleague,

I have been invited to organize a Session titled "Applications of 
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning to Functional Genomics" in the 
10th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: 
WMSCI 2006 
to be held at Orlando, Florida, USA, during July 16-19, 2006.

In this context, I would invite you to submit paper(s) in the said 
Session. The goal of the Session is to present the current 
state-of-the-art relating to the applicability of pattern recognition 
and machine learning approaches to the problems of bioinformatics and 
computational biology. This will facilitate collaboration among pattern 
recognition, machine learning researchers and biologists, which will 
further help them in solving complex problems of computational biology 
as well as enriching the literature of pattern recognition and machine 
learning. The papers submitted to me for the said Session will be peer 
reviewed and then the finally accepted papers will be included in the 
Conference Proceedings.

The authors may submit their contributions on a few of the following 
sample areas which are not exhaustive.

Normalization of microarray gene expression data
Gene clustering/classification for finding co-expressed/coregulated genes
Classification/clustering of diseased vs. normal samples
Identification of function of a gene
Identification of genes responsible for a particular disease
Determination of the interaction between protein-protein and 
protein-gene (protein-protein network and gene-protein network)
Comparative genomics
Evolution and phylogenetics
Identification of molecular structures
Protein folding problems
Classification of proteins
Identification of active sites of proteins
Pathway analysis related to metabolism and signal transduction mechanism

Chairs of invited sessions will select the best paper presented at their 
session. Sessions' best papers will be reviewed by reviewers of the 
Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics (JSCI) in order to 
select the best 30% of them for their respective publications in the 
Journal. Some important points to note while submitting your contributions:

1. Size of the paper: Paper drafts should have 2000 to 5000 words, in 
Author(s) with names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail 
addresses should be included.
Each author making a submission should necessarily suggest at least one 
and a maximum of three reviewers.

2. How to submit paper: Please e-mail the pdf/word version of the paper 
through e-mail (rajat at isical.ac.in) to me.

3. Deadline of submission: January 31, 2006

I look forward to receive your contributions and to see you in the 

Best regards,

Rajat K. De
Session on Applications of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning to 
Functional Genomics,
WMSCI 2006

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