[BiO BB] Hello (A bour BIO BB)

Hamid Nikbakht nikbakht at ibb.ut.ac.ir
Fri Jan 28 04:11:33 EST 2005

 Dear Peng,
Bultin boards are some useful opportunities to let us know about what 
others know and vice versa, so please use this bultin board system for 
your non private emails and share with others what you know.
 I hope you can use this opportunity as well. I myself have learnt and 
learn many things using this board.

 Hamid( Behnam )Nikbakht,
 M.Sc of Cell and Molecular Sciences,
 Bioiformatics Center,
 University of Tehran,
 Tehran, Iran.
 Tel: +98-21-6111-3322
 Alt. E-Mail : hamid at ibb.ut.ac.ir

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