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I would like to know if there is any online free course`available in
Bioinformatics for the iernational students in USA?
The course offered by Bitmap is purely for US citizens.
Please inform me.
Debarshi Roy

On 7/7/05, D. Norris <dmnunif at charter.net> wrote:
> To Those Interested In Mechanistically How A Messenger Chemical Group or 
> Energy State Is Encoded Into Information In Biological Systems (i.e.,
> Viruses, Whole Cells, and Multicellular Organisms): 
> After over 40 years of systems-biology research on the unifying dynamic
> qualitative and quantitative mechanistic means of the transduction of
> messenger chemical groups and energy states into information in biological
> systems, the scientists at Unifinium Ltd have solidly confirmed repeatedly
> in peer-reviewed published papers that the unifying mechanism is Thiol (-SH)
> / Disulfide (-S-S-) Exchange Protein Biophysics.  The necessary unifying
> messenger (UM) is sulfur exchange (electro) chemistry; and -SH, its
> derivatives, and its redox couple, i.e., -S-S-, are the specific means by
> which the UM is used to create the qualitative and quantitative
> bioinformation. Our pertinent original research findings were first
> published in "Nature" in 1969; "Science" 1970; "Experientia" 1971; etc.,
> "Nature" in 1973, & 1975; etc.; "Bioelectrochem. Bioenerget.", in 1985; "J
> Chem Ecol", in 1988; a chapter in the book "Functional Dynamics of
> Phytophagous Insects", edited by Ananthakrishnan, published by Oxford & IBH
> Publishing, New Delhi, 1994; and reviewed extensively in a chapter in the
> book, "Predators and Parasitoids" , edited by Koul and Dhaliwal, published
> by Taylor & Francis, London, in 2003. 
> A review recently was rejected by "Antioxidant & Redox Signaling" especially
> because it was "Too Broad". Our research has been broad in scope, and it is
> very broadly pertinent and valid. Have a read; it will not be a waste of
> time for those who are really interested in energy transduction into
> bioinformation in whole biological systems. dmn. 
> P.S. If our research does not deal with bioinformatics, then we do not mind
> the "misfit". 
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