[BiO BB] Re: Apple Mac OS X server

Christopher Dwan cdwan at bioteam.net
Fri Jul 15 09:31:15 EDT 2005

Disclosure:  My company sells a piece of software which installs and  
configures a large number of bioinformatics apps under a web portal.   
The majority of installations of our software are on Apple XServes.

We haven't had any trouble with the open source tools on OS X.  The  
specific ones you mention all work fine, out of the box.  Some  
commercial and closed source tools have been slow to provide binaries  
for Apple, but they're coming along now.

The Bioinformatics Benchmark Suite is a decent tool for benchmarking  
systems on a popular set of tools in a common set of use cases  

My experience has been that benchmarks need to be tuned to the  
specific use case, or else they're hopelessly vague.  You will get  
wildly different results depending on whether you need response time  
or throughput, HMMER or BLASTN, etc.

-Chris Dwan
  The BioTeam

On Jul 15, 2005, at 7:00 AM, govind mk wrote:

> Hi all,
> We are in the process of procuring a server and need
> to evaluate the feasibility of the Apple Mac OS X
> server  (PowerPC G5 processor) as a platform for
> running bioinformatics applications.
> I have had a look at the website
> http://www.apple.com/science/software/lifescience.html.
> I would like to know if there has been a specific
> problem anyone has experienced with regards to
> installing and executing general bioinformatics tools
> like (BLAST,HMMER,BLAT, Bioperl,Emboss rasmol etc..)
> and would also be happy if one could provide a
> comparison between Linux and Mac server.
> Thankyou,
> Regards,
> Govind
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