[BiO BB] Re: searching-for-interferon-structures

Lipika Ray lray at albany.edu
Sun Jun 19 19:36:00 EDT 2005


Many many thanks for your reply. Actually I want to find the structure of
Interferon alpha 2b, alpha 5a and a GFP protein. For Interferon alpha 2b I
just followed the method you have said, structure database in ncbi and I
found a crystal structure for that. But for the other two, I have
accession numbers and nucleotide sequence. So how will I know about the
structure of protein from that nucleotide sequence?

Thanking you in advance.

Lipika Ray

Dr. Lipika Ray
Postdoctoral researcher
SUNY, UAlbany

> hey..
> didnt u get the replies sent through the board...?
> wel if not..let me repeat...
> 1. you can choose ncbi accession number, to search ncbi structure database.
> 2. you can use ncbi blastp to search against pdb database, using
sequence. 3. you can also go to pdb website to execute a sequence based
> atleast one of these should work.
> goodluk.
> vijayaraj nagarajan
> department of biological sciences
> the university of southern mississippi
> ms, usa
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