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J.W. Bizzaro jeff at bioinformatics.org
Tue Nov 22 23:52:28 EST 2005

Hi Daniel,

Some of the "cross-over" questions are addressed in our FAQ:



Daniel Terry wrote:
> I am finishing my applications for doctoral study for next fall, but I 
> had a question before I send all this off.  I am a computer science 
> undergrad wanting to work in bioinformatics (with CS focus), but don't 
> have a whole lot of biology and chemistry background.  I will get most 
> of what most programs want by the time I graduate, but most of this 
> won't show up on transcripts (I just started these classes this 
> semester).  I'm sure I want to work in bioinformatics, so the ability to 
> switch focus areas in CS wouldn't be much of an advantage.
> Many of the schools I am applying to have a computational biology or 
> bioinformatics PhD-offering programs and a computer science department 
> that also does lots of research in this area.  Which would make the most 
> sense for me to apply to?  Would the specialty programs be more likely 
> to accept me because I am specifically interested in their area, or 
> should I apply to CS since I have a stronger background in that?
> Thanks for any suggestions.

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