Corwin Joy cjoy at houston.rr.com
Sun Oct 16 04:21:30 EDT 2005

We have just released a new project to sourceforge focused on OLAP tools for 
biology data.


What is BIOLAP?
OLAP is a powerful tool that is widely used by the business community to 
analyze large financial data sets. Despite the big data sets found in modern 
biology, OLAP has not been widely adopted by the biology community. We want 
to change that. BIOLAP is open source OLAP for biology data. We take the 
open source tools provided by the JPivot project, and extend them to handle 
biology data types. In our first release, we focus on extensions to analyze 
large genomic sequence databases. As an application we apply these tools to 
browse and analyze the iProClass database of over over 2m protein sequences. 

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