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Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Tue Oct 25 03:53:58 EDT 2005

Laura Nielson wrote:
> Why is it not possible to spool out precipitated proteins in comparison 
> to spooling out precipitated DNA?  DNA is very, very long.  How long are 
> proteins (polypeptides)?
> I've done the experiment where you precipitate DNA out of onion cells.  
> Could you precipitate RNA out of onion cells?  How? or Why not? 

One reason is the ubiquity of RNAses. Anyone working with RNA will tell 
you what a pain it is, as any RNA 'out there' will be sliced up faster 
than you an do anything else.

I have no idea of average RNA lengths, but typically *much* shorter than 
DNA. They will be (approximately) three times the length of proteins, 
and the longest protein is ~12,000 amino acids AFAIR.

Proteins do precipitate all the time. The nack is to precipitate exactly 
the protein you want, and none of the proteins you don't want.

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