[BiO BB] blast against Mutation database

lichunjiang lichunjiang at sibs.ac.cn
Wed Apr 19 21:24:49 EDT 2006

Dear Christoph Gille,
I know the following website include a
PMD(protein mutation database) and can be searched with multiple query
FASTA sequences. While I haven't try it myself.

Best wishes,

Dr. Christoph Gille wrote:
> I have a bunch of AA
sequences and want to identify all reported
> point mutations
(single AA substitutions)
> in men or other organisms  in all
proteins related to these sequences.
> Is there a service for a
batch blast against mutation databases ?
> Or can one download the
sequences of mutation databases to perform the
> Many thanks for your help
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lichunjiang at sibs.ac.cn
Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,
Shanghai Institutes for
Biological Sciences,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
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