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Xiaowei JIANG xiaowei.jiang at msn.com
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Hi Martin and fellows,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, JMP is really a good tool that it can give you
a user friendly environment. Click and go style. Compared with SAS itself,
JMP is more popular for non-expert users (programming).

The point is We need to evaluate their three new modules, namely, JMP
Genetics, JMP Microarray,JMP Proteomics.

Do they really hear from the scientists who are working in the field? Or do
they really make a streamline tool which can work in a way as they stated?

Kind regards,
Xiaowei JIANG 

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We have used JMP extensively, and find it very useful. the academic price is
quite reasonable. Unfortunately, I had to let my JMP expert go, due to a
lack of funding...


On 8/2/06, Xiaowei JIANG <xiaowei.jiang at msn.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Does anyone has the experience using JMP Genomics toolkit, if so, what 
> do you think of this environment specificly according to your experience?
> I am currently writing a case study report for this new platform.
> Thank you in advance.
> For more information please refer to
> http://www.jmp.com/software/genomics/index.shtml
> Best regards,
> Xiaowei JIANG
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Martin Gollery
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Center For Bioinformatics
University of Nevada at Reno
Dept. of Biochemistry / MS330
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From: Reactome-Knowledgebase at reactome.org
Subject: [BiO BB] Reactome version 18 released!
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The Reactome Knowledgebase team (Lincoln Stein's group at CSHL and Ewan
Birney's group at  European Bioinformatics Institute) is proud  
to announce the release of Reactome Version 18,  accessible at    

Reactome is a curated knowledgebase of biological processes in humans. It
covers processes ranging from basic pathways of metabolism to complex events
such as hormonal signaling and apoptosis. The information in Reactome is
provided by expert bench biologists, and edited and managed as a relational
database by the Reactome staff.  
New material is peer-reviewed and revised as necessary before publication to
the web. Reactome entries are linked to corresponding ones in NCBI
EntrezGene, RefSeq, OMIM, Ensembl genome annotations, UCSC Genome Browser,
KEGG, ChEBI and Gene Ontology (GO).

New modules include the signaling cascade mediated by Toll-like receptor 2,
Maintenance of Telomeres, Entry and Binding under HIV Life Cycle and the
pathways of Complement Activation. Reactions and pathways chosen by the user
are now highlighted prominently in the reaction map at the top of each web
page. Updated release statistics and the Editorial Calendar are available.

A new web display feature allows the user to choose the focus species
annotations - curated (for human) and electronically inferred (for 22 other
species). Stable identifiers have been introduced to facilitate  
the tracking of data objects over successive releases of Reactome.   
As before, Reactome data can be exported in SMBL, Protégé, and BioPAX level
2 formats.

Like everything in Reactome, these downloaded and exported materials can be
reused and redistributed freely.  For questions and comments please reply to
this message or write to help at reactome.org

-Gopal Gopinathrao

Reactome, CSHL
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