[BiO BB] ArboDraw: a program for visualization of phylogenetic trees

Roland Dunbrack Roland.Dunbrack at fccc.edu
Sat Aug 12 16:48:15 EDT 2006

We have developed a program for creating and saving images
of phylogenetic trees, called ArboDraw. The program can input
a tree in standard Newick format (used by Clustal W and other programs)
or a FASTA-formatted file used as input to the MUSCLE alignment
program (R. Edgar, 2004), included and automatically installed
with ArboDraw.

The image of the tree can be changed in many ways -- fonts,
horizontal and vertical scales, and different branches can be rendered
in different colors.  Annotations from the FASTA file can be viewed
on mouseover of the sequence labels, and these labels and annotations
can be edited by right-click.

The program is currently available for Windows, and is free
to both commercial and academic users. The installation
begins with a single click of the download package.

It is available from:


I hope you find it useful.

Roland Dunbrack

* Roland L. Dunbrack, Jr.
* Member
* Institute for Cancer Research
* Fox Chase Cancer Center
* 333 Cottman Avenue
* Philadelphia PA 19111
* (215) 728-2434
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* Roland.Dunbrack @ fccc.edu
* http://dunbrack.fccc.edu (research)
* http://dunbrack.org (genealogy)
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