[BiO BB] Printing/editing Jalview output?

Noa Godin godinn at bgu.ac.il
Thu Aug 17 03:32:53 EDT 2006

In the lower File menu you have an export option to 3 file formats : png(picture), HTML and eps(text).
Good luck,

Noa Godin

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Subject: [BiO BB] Printing/editing Jalview output?
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> Hi Folks,
> Stupid question, but does anyone know how to print out the 
> Jalview output
> (as available at the EBI) of Clustal MSAs - at present I take a screen
> capture, but this is not much use when the sequences are very 
> long. Also
> looking at the overall alignments is difficult when the 
> sequemces are long
> as it involves lots of scrolling left and right, so it would be 
> nice to have
> a paper copy to look at the alignmetn by eye.
> Appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks againa and best regards,
> Paul
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