[BiO BB] Re: Quickly retrieving cross-referenced records from NCBI

Dale Richardson dalesan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 15:19:01 EST 2006

Hello All,

Forgive me for posting, but this question is hard to condense into a  
good google search.  I am wondering if there is a quick way to batch  
retrieve all coding sequences (mRNA sequences) linked to a particular  
NCBI RefSeq Protein identifier.  For example, if I have a list of 10  
sequences with the following protein refseq IDs:


and so on..

How can I retrieve the cross-referenced XM_ identifiers for the  
coding sequences based on such protein accessions?  Must one write  
some kind of script to accomplish this or is there a quicker way?


dale richardson
university of cologne

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