[BiO BB] bio game / bioinformatics game /fun

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 27 05:45:06 EST 2006

Deepan wrote:
> Does anyone have any interesting ideas about games wrt to
> biology/bioinformatics ? 
> If you have any good ideas, or pointers I would like to create a web
> game just for fun. I was thinking about some kind of game to program a
> vector and infect a culture or designing of vectors or bacterial genome
> blah blah blah.. 

Here are some more random ideas...

Part 1
Level 1, you are ATP sized...  run around the proteins surface to carry 
the ligand in to the active site.
Level 2, you are electron sized... fly around the atom universe to 
deliver electrons to the active site.
Level 3, you are 'protein sized'... assemble the electron transport 
chain to deliver energy to the cell.

Part 2
Level 4, you are ATP sized... run around fixing bonds before the protein 
is denatured.
Level 5, you are electron sized... bounce around the iron sulfur clusters
Level 6, etc...

Level 1/4 == packman meets doom
Level 2 == elite / space simulation game
Level 3/6 == many puzzle games
Level 5 == pinball

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