[BiO BB] Help : How to interoperate between a WebServer and a Cluster ?

Shameer Khadar skhadar at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 13:35:52 EST 2006

Dear All,

Currently we are developing an Integrated Web Server for protein sequence
and structure analysis.
We are planning to provide a dedicated cluster to support the server.

I need help to set up a web application that can manage the web server and
our cluster.
For example  if the user is submitting a huge set  of sequence for MSA, the
program should take care of
the process and pass it on to the cluster and display the status of the job
(que and other details).
I know this is possible and people are doing it for example (Robetta

It will be great, If any of the BioIT techies around can help me out with
some help :))

We are using Ganglia as the server management tool. Web  Server is apache
running on  CentOS4 .

Thanks in Advance and Happy New Year to all...
S Khadar

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