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sravan sravan sravan_111 at rediffmail.com
Mon Feb 6 05:46:51 EST 2006

Dear friends,
             I am working to study microsatellites. In this regard, I have to generate the 
equivalent classes of repeat motifs. Hence, I request for your assistance by providing me 
the source code, methodology or algorithm in detail / pseudo code. 
            AC : AC,CA,GT,TG
            AG : AG,GA,CT,TG
In addition: For Tri,Tetra,Penta,Hexa Motifs:
                Ex: ACG,CGA,GAC      AGC,GCA,CAG should be in two seperate classes. But I am 
getting in single class due to the equal nucleotide composition. Please suggest me some 
solution for this and any additional issues explored by you.

          I appreciate your early response, as it is an urgent requirement.
Thank you very much.


Dear Bio_Bulletin_Board,
               This is an urgent requirement. Hence, I request for your early response.

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