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Call for Papers2006 Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC'06)
July 30- August 3, 2006Coast Plaza HotelCalgary, Alberta, Canada

Track: 			Bioinformatics
Track chair: 		Isaac Barjis
Affiliation:		New York City College of TechnologyCity University of New York
Contac:	Email: ibarjis at cityech.cuny.edu; Tel.: (718) 260-5285; Fax: (718) 254-8680

The Bioinformatics track is organized within the SCSC and aims at understanding 
living systems through studying and retrieving biological information using 
computational methods, approaches, computer tools and graphics. Although 
Bioinformatics is an established subject, its study and investigation are 
exposing more and more challenges, perspectives and opportunities. Results of 
the studies in this field have profound impacts on all fields of biology as a 
subject, development of science in general, and wealth of human society and 
health. This fascinating new field of research requires valuable research 
efforts and therefore you are invited to consider this track for discussion and 
publication of your outstanding research works. Although the track welcomes all 
related works, authors are especially encouraged to submit their original 
research findings on the topics suggested below.

Suggested Topics:
1) Systems Biology Modeling & Simulation·	
2) Protein Structure Prediction and Modeling·	
3) Medical Informatics·	
4) Chemical/Molecular Bioinformatics ·	
5) Metabolic Pathways·	
6) Gene Identification, Annotation and Expression		
7) Biological Data Mining, Modeling & Integration·	
8) Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics·	
9) Analysis of Evolution and Phylogeny·	
10) Biological Data Visualization·	

Important Dates:
Full Draft Paper/Extended Abstract: 	March 15, 2006
Preliminary Notification of Acceptance: 	May 2, 2006
Final Camera Ready Submission Due: 	May 23, 2006

Please submit the extended abstract (4-6 pages) as a PDF file via 
http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/scsc  (New users, please create an account 
first: to create an account, on the mentioned site, click on "Create Account" 
in the left hand upper corner)

Dr. I. Barjis
Assistant Professor
Department of Physical and Biological Sciences
Room P313
300 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718)2605285
Fax: (718)2548680
Fax: (718) 254-8595 Department Office

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