[BiO BB] What exactly the clustering of DNA means?

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Thu Feb 16 11:07:15 EST 2006

you may want to check out BLAST program suite to know how DNA sequences will
be approximately compared. It gives a score (called Z score) which you can
use it as clustering threshold. and mean of a cluster you can define as that
dna sequence which is similar to most of the sequences. If you do not want
approximate approach for clustering, you can use pairwise sequence alignment
algorithms (smith waterman/Hidden markov model-approach) when you have not
many sequences to cluster.

On 2/15/06, maithreyi thaticherla <maithreyi_roses at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Hi
> This is Maithreyi , studying final B.Tech . Iam doing a project on
> Clustering a DNA sequence.
> Iam a computer student so iam not having knowledge on this
> bioinformatics.But iam interested to know how is this DNA present in our
> body.
> My doubt is how can we cluster a DNA sequence.Iam using k-means algorithm
> and iam unable to link this algorithm with my topic.
> I want to know the exact steps of k-means algorithm with Clustering of DNA
> sequences.
> Can anyone help me immediately plz.
> k bye
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