[BiO BB] phylogeny search engine?

Ahmed Moustafa ahmed at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Feb 20 12:28:28 EST 2006

Hi Dan,

Could you please give more details on how do "sub tree matching" (e.g. 
which algorithm)?



On 2/19/2006 7:36 AM, Dan Bolser wrote:

> Ahmed Moustafa wrote:
>> Hi All!
>> We are working on a project where we need to search a large number of 
>> phylogeny trees for an approximate (or exact) containment of a query 
>> tree, what tool/algorithm would help achieving that?
>> Your help will be appreciated so much!
> You should be able to do 'sub tree matching' quite easily, but 
> 'ontology alignment' is a big research field! So far as I know there 
> are no 'exact algorithms' for 'approximate sub tree matching'.

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