[BiO BB] MrBayes - Memory overflow

Oscar Moya omoya at uib.es
Tue Feb 28 06:40:41 EST 2006

Hi Txema,

I am not sure about if your problem is due to memory needs. I am running
analyses of 70 sequences 1200 bases long in 512MB RAM computers.

Have you tried to run it on another computer? It sounds evident, but
sometimes work.

If problems keep, you could send the command block for checking (mcmc
settings, Lset, prset, etc...).

Good luck!


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Hello everyone.

Does anybody know how i could limit the memory usage while creating a 
consensus tree with MrBayes? (even though i am using a 2GB RAM computer)

The problem (segmentation fault) only appears when i'm trying to build a 
tree with more than 40 taxa, so the problem is not in the compilation, 
nor in the commands given.

my mrbayes command is:
sumt filename=filewithALLtrees contype=allcompat burnin=1500

Many thanks in advance.


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