[BiO BB] GO nodes

Willy Valdivia-Granda willy_valdivia at orionbiosciences.com
Thu Jan 5 13:18:51 EST 2006

Try CytoScape and then install the BINGO pluging and select the organims
gene ID list and the level for which you would like to see the DAG
(either cellular location, molecular function, and cellular component).
You can also apply statst to filter out terms that are not statistically
close to the graph. Just be careful in using the ontologies, several
researchers use incriscriminately to "annotate" stuff...

Other tool could be

An course there is a DAGedit from GO webiste.


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> Hi,
>  I am looking to find a list of GO terms at a particular level in the DAG.
>  Does anyone know a good way to do so .. say i want all GO nodes at level 4 of the gene-ontology dag.
>  ~S
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