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On a related topic, does anyone know where to get good lists
of chemical names ( systematic and trivial )?
I hunted around iupac site for a while and could extract
some for organic things but I really had to play with
it and it isn't quite complete.

The FDA has some drug listings that are fairly easy to parse with
bash to extract drug vocabularies.

While I don't need a spell checker, this does come up when
you want to scan patents or SEC filings for word catagories.
There is probably something obvious on google
related to this but I haven't found it. Word catagorization
is probably a common interest in many text analysis issues.

If you are really looking for spell check algorithms,
sometimes citeseer has some nice articles.

This seems to have come up on cpan before: 

You could probably write a simple one in a few lines of PERL but
I don't know offhand where to get a dictionary.
Their hashs do a lot of thrashing when they get too big
and I've never figured out how to fix this ( and I don't
hold out a lot of hope with cygwin either :)).

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  I am hunting for a opensource biological spell checker. If someone is
familiar with an algorithm for writing one.. then please do comment on
the same. 
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