[BiO BB] Call for Abstracts - DWTB2006

Roland Schnee schnee at ipk-gatersleben.de
Thu Jul 13 08:28:15 EDT 2006

Dear all,

we are organising a workshop on data warehouse issues in bioinformatics that
covers warehouse techniques AND applications/tools to be used via a warehouse
from 4-6 Dec, 2006 in Wittenberg, Germany.
Language will be Engish.

If you are interested in sending an abstract, you can do that till 15 Sept via
the workshop page http://www.bic-gh.de/dwtb2006.

Accepted papers will appear in the Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics:

Topics are:
+ Data Warehouse Development
   - Architectures
   - Data integration
   - Errors and inconsistencies in biological data
   - Biological ontologies including their quality and consistency
   - Interfaces for accessing and querying of integrated data
   - Method integration and analyses in data warehouses
+ Data Warehouse Applications
   - Combined dry and wet-lab studies
   - Sequence and expression data analysis
   - Regulatory and metabolic networks
   - Protein-protein interactions
   - Genotype-phenotype associations
   - Data and text mining approaches
   - Workflow management
   - Computational systems biology

The Organising Committee

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