[BiO BB] need co-instructor for a seminar in Seoul

Bob Baran baran at genostat.com
Sat Jul 15 15:00:58 EDT 2006

Needed:  Co-instructor for a graduate seminar on
genomic signal processing at a major university in
Seoul, Korea, during November-December 2006.  Travel,
housing, and salary will be paid to an
inter-disciplinary researcher. The course description
(below) is flexible.  If interested, contact Robert
Baran, <rhbaran at yahoo.com> or <baran at genostat.com>,
for more details.

Mathematical methods that were developed for
communications, speech and signal processing have been
adapted to computational biology.  Information theory,
digital filters, correlation-based methods, spectral
analysis, Hidden Markov models, neural networks,
support vector machines, blind source separation
techniques and many others now find useful
applications in the new science of functional genomics
and the emerging technology of systems biology.  In
this seminar, students will survey these applications,
learn the basic terminology and paradigms of
bioinformatics, focus on selected topics, and gain a
clearer understanding of essential signal processing
algorithms by applying them to the analysis of
molecular sequence and high-throughput data acquired
from public sources. The seminar will be conducted in

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