[BiO BB] A series of Pairwise alignments

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Hi Mike,

Yes, I have used the PRINTS tools- they are a very useful part of Interpro,
and can be used with InterProScan or stand-alone.


On 6/3/06, Mike Marchywka <mmarchywka at eyewonder.com> wrote:
> Yeah, it occured to me the objective would drive the definitions.
> I've been thinking about stuff like this from the immune's system point of
> view.
> Consider something like clustering software since with that many
> sequences they probably can be lumped into clusters. It occured to me you
> could
> take each sequence, break it up (generate "words" (peptides) using your
> favorite epitope
> prediction code ), and cluster the sequences based on "vocabulary".
> This may tell you which groups of proteins look similar to the immune
> system.
> btw, has anyone used tools or features like the "signatures" mentioned
> here?
> http://www.bioinf.man.ac.uk/dbbrowser/PRINTS/printscontents.html#Receptors
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> Howdy,
> Probably you would want to run a pairwise alignment program over each
> pair of seqs and then write some wrapper code around that to process
> the data as you like.
> The alignment program you select should be something that fits your
> goal - do you want global or local alignment? What kind of scoring
> system do you need? And so on.
> For fun, take a look at:
> http://helix.biology.mcmaster.ca/721/outline2/node42.html
> -Ann
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