[BiO BB] RefSeq Accession Numbers

pmr at ebi.ac.uk pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jun 16 11:38:22 EDT 2006

Hi Hamid,

> Does any body know, how can I retrieve SwissProt Accession number using
> the
> protein RefSeq accession number? It seems there is not any cross reference
> between thses two databases!

No explicit cross reference, but enough information to find the link.

The EBI's SRS server will link from a UniProt entry to RefSeqP. I believe
the link goes through UniParc (the UniProt archive).

As a shortcut, you can insert the SwissProt accession of your choice into
this URL:


(add +-ascii to the end to get the original entry)

Hope that helps


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