[BiO BB] bionix yum repository

codeshepherd codeshepherd at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 13:48:26 EDT 2006

Hello Everyone,
   I had made a simple yum repository that will support popular 
biotechnology related packages. As of now it supports gromacs, emboss, 
bioperl.  To get the yum repository working in your machine install the 
rpm http://bioinformatics.org/BIO-NIX/yum/bionix-1.0-1.noarch.rpm .

After this you should be able to install gromacs, emboss, bioperl as follows

$yum install gromacs
$yum install  EMBOSS-devel
$yum install  EMBOSS-libs
$yum install  perl-bioperl

and so on..
I am planning to add more packages. If any of the package developer is 
interested in adding his or her package please send me a mail. I am 
prepared to write spec file for their package and add it to my 
repository. (no fees :)).  Please do help in making this project a success.


Project home page: www.bioinformatics.org/BIO-NIX/

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